Our projects

New Horizon, Haiti

We have helped this community-led project to become a full K-12 plus a vocational training center serving hundreds of students.

ADCAM, Brazil

We’ve helped ADCAM to grow from an orphanage to an educational institution serving over 4,000 kids a day. 

Zunuzi School, Haiti

In the midst of a country plagued with difficulties, this school is a haven for hundreds of students and their families.

Georges Marcellus, Haiti

We’ve helped this school to grow from 20 students to a K-6 grade, serving 223 students in one of the poorest villages of Haiti .

Badi School, Panama

Once a preschool in a carport, Badi is now a K-12 renowned for its excellence in academics, arts, music and service.

Barli Institute, India

We’ve helped Barli educate over 7,000 young rural and tribal women to become agents of change in their villages.

Digital Study Hall, India

We’ve helped scale quality education to over 300 rural and slum schools serving 40,000 of the poorest in Indi

Badi Foundation, China

We’ve helped Badi support women-led, community-based organizations to address the urgent needs of their local villages.

Mongolian Development Ctr,

We’ve helped this amazing project offer quality early childhood education to thousands of children across Mongolia.

Sunflower Mission, Vietnam

We’ve helped build many schools in remote villages and provide scholarships to students - elementary through college.

TKP, United States

We support Teaching Kids Programming (TKP) to teach middle school students and teachers computer programming.

RanchoSespe, United States

A quality summer camp for the children of migrant workers to help them academically and engage them in community service.

Tarzana, United States

We've supported the education of hundreds of immigrant and migrant children in an after-school program at Tarzana School.








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Kushboo Rawat Story

Kushboo was born into a poor family in Lucknow, India. Her mother died when she was just 2, her father remarried, but her stepmother died as well. She was in 2nd grade at the time and was forced to drop out of school to clean the house, cook for everyone, and look after her younger siblings.

In 2013 she had the opportunity to go to a special school that opened up near her house.

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